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Loving Day Celebration
June 9, 2022

Veronica spoke on a panel for the Red Ventures | Healthline Media's Loving Day Celebration. She was joined by Ken Tanabe, Loving Day Founder, and Mat Johnson, author of Loving Day. They discussed code-switching, the use of art and storytelling to increase cultural understanding, and the importance of authenticity in identity expression. 

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New Song Gospel Café
October 23, 2021

Veronica performed at the New Song Gospel Café. This travelling event happens monthly at different locations throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area and features artists  from a variety of genres, showcasing the different ways people worship God. Veronica performed Dragons, Good Enough, and Be the One. 


Voices in Black and White 
March 4, 2021

Veronica participated in a documentary directed by student Olivia Taylor on the biracial experience. She discusses her upbringing, her acceptance of herself, and challenges in her self-identity journey.  She also reads her poem, "Biracial" at the end of the film. 


To watch this documentary, click here!


An Evening of Healing
September 30, 2020

Church leaders in the community came together to focus on racial unity and communal healing within Kansas City. This event was held outdoors, in the parking lot of Sheffield Family Life Center, drive-in theatre style. Veronica debuted a spoken word on division within the church, and received car honks in place of applause.

Night of Healing.png

KCUR Central Standard
February 04, 2020

In 2019, Veronica was invited to read her spoken word, "Dear White Police Officer." In the interview portion, she discusses the apologetic nature of the work, media representation of African Americans, and more. 1 year later, KCUR rebroadcasted this interview. 

Listen here!


RU Commencement 2019
May 18, 2019

Veronica was the undergraduate commencement speaker. In her very personal speech, she reflects on her experience as an outsider, tying in themes from Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, and describes how Rockhurst University became her home.


To watch this speech, click here!

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Festival of Student Achievement April 12, 2019

Veronica presented her paper, "The Rhetoric of Rap; An Analysis of Derek Minor's "Nothing to Something"". She discussed the rhetorical techniques emphasized by Aristotle and Plato and showed how they are utilized in contemporary rap. She also presented her poetry at the Greenlease Gallery.


RU Town Hall
February 27, 2019

Veronica was invited to speak on a panel composed of students, faculty, and alumni at Rockhurst University's Town Hall, as they celebrated 50 years of women being allowed to attend the institution. 

Town Hall.jpg

Cornerstone Celebration
December 31, 2018

Veronica lead multiple sessions on spoken word. She performed "The Story of a Dream," among other pieces, in celebration of Black History Month and discussed the history of spoken word and how she composes her own.


To watch her performance, click here!

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ΑΣΝ Induction, RU
April 28, 2018

Veronica was inducted into Rockhurst University's highest honor society, Alpha Sigma Nu! Only the top 4% of the junior and senior class are selected, and Veronica was among them!


Touchstone Launch, KSU
March 30, 2018

Veronica lead multiple sessions on spoken word. She performed "The Story of a Dream," among other pieces, in celebration of Black History Month and discussed the history of spoken word and how she composes her own.


Blue Valley High School
February 24, 2017

Veronica lead multiple sessions on spoken word. She performed "The Story of a Dream," among other pieces, in celebration of Black History Month and discussed the history of spoken word and how she composes her own.

Blue Valley High School.jpg

First Fridays 18th & Vine
February 3, 2017

Veronica participated in First Fridays on 18th and Vine for her first time as a published author. She sold copies of Mile Marker 17 and networked with local artists.

First Fridays on 18th and vine.jpg

Angela's Debut
May 22, 2022

Veronica was the Master of Ceremonies for Angela's Philippine Debut, a coming of age ceremony for young women on their 18th birthday. Veronica enjoyed making this event special and flow smoothly for Angela and her family. 

If you want me to MC for your party or celebration, click Book Me above!


A "Midst" Opportunity 
October 16, 2021

Veronica was interviewed by poet, published author, and public speaker Anthony Butler. They discussed how artists can use their skills and talents to make a positive impact in these challenging times. Veronica discuses social issues she is passionate about, how she overcomes trials, and more. 

To watch this interview, click here!

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Black History Tokenization
February 17, 2021

Veronica joined poet, published author, and public speaker Anthony Butler in a virtual conversation about Black History Month and the tokenization of black cultural appreciation. They discussed the need for diversity to be championed and celebrated authentically throughout the year. To learn more about Anthony Butler, visit


The Ear Hustling Podcast
June 22, 2020

On episode 23, "Biracial in America," Veronica joins a panel of biracial people to discuss the impact of racism on their lives. She shares spoken word, "The Life of a Mixed Kid." You can listen to this episode wherever you listen to podcasts, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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SOMO Youth Convention,
November 22, 2019

Veronica was the opener for the Assemblies of God, Southern Missouri Youth Convention 2019, which welcomed over a thousand students. She presented her spoken word, "Be the One," encouraging students and leaders alike to step out in faith. 

To watch, click here!


TEDx Rockhill
April 20, 2019

Veronica gave her first TEDx Talk! The year's theme was "Smokescreens: things aren't as they seem." She discussed the biracial experience and the importance of including the biracial narrative in American history and contemporary conversation.

To watch the Talk, click here!


RU Scholarship Brunch
April 7, 2019

Veronica was selected to speak on behalf of Rockhurst University's scholarship recipients at the annual Scholarship Luncheon, where donors are invited to celebrate their contribution and the success of their students.

Scholarship Brunch.jpg

KCUR Central Standard 
February 4, 2019

Veronica was invited to read her spoken word, "A Letter to the White Police Officer," (Dear White Police Officer), on KCUR's Central Standard. In the interview, she discusses the apologetic tone of the work, media representation of African Americans, and more!

To listen, click here!

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MMLA Conference
November 15-18, 2018

Veronica presented her paper, "Writing in Black and White: Baldwin’s Method of Writing to Polarized Consumers," in the MMLA Undergraduate Symposium. She discussed Baldwin's writing tactics and explored how to apply them to conversation surrounding race today. 


Festival of Student Achievement April 20, 2018

Veronica was invited to perform at Rockhurst University's 2018 Festival of Student Achievement (FOSA), an annual event designed to honor students who "exemplify academic excellence and leadership." She performed the poems "Mm!," "Image of the Titanic," and "A on Parchment."


BVHS Diversity Celebration
February 15 & 22, 2018

Veronica was invited to speak at Blue Valley High School in celebration of Black History month. She performed "The Story of a Dream" spoken word and discussed the importance of being bold and speaking out against racial inequality and discrimination. 


Veronica at the Blue Room
March 5, 2017

Veronica performed at the Blue Room for her very first time. She performed "Dragons" and "Good Enough" to a live band.

Blue Room_edited.jpg

Crossroads Academy
February 3, 2017

Veronica performed her spoken word "The Story of a Dream" for students at Crossroads Academy. This spoken word celebrated the work of Dr. King, just in time for Black History Month. She also discussed the writing process and the importance of speaking out against oppression.

Quality Hill Academy.jpg

Gateway of Hope
May 7, 2022

Veronica performed at Gateway of Hope's spring fundraiser, Planting Hope Together. This was their first in-person fundraiser since 2019, and Veronica was happy to share her new spoken word, "Feel My Feelings", about emotional healing and the importance of expressing emotions. 

Gateway of Hope 1.JPG

For the Luve of Curls 
October 11, 2021

Veronica was invited to speak at the launch of Myreesha Franklin's new hair education business, For the Luve of Curls.  Veronica performed her spoken word, "Good Enough", encouraging listeners to embrace their body and natural beauty with confidence.

Image (9).jpeg

Mission Baby Mac Benefit
October 24, 2020

Veronica performed two spoken words and a rap for the Mission Baby Mac Benefit, a fundraiser for Kenny and Hannah McDaniel, who are using in vitro fertilization. This fundraiser helped them meet their goal and pay for treatment.


UPDATE: They have healthy twin girls!!!

Mission Baby Mac.png

Now Presenting, JCL
June 16, 2020 (Cancelled)

Veronica was to be a featured poet of this poetry program. She would have shared her writing and discussed the difference between poetry and spoken word with fellow poet, Maril Crabtree, author of Fireflies Gathering in the Dark, a Kansas Notable Books 2018 selection. This event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

JC Library 2.jpg

Belong Featured Speaker
October 22, 2019

Veronica had the privilege of performing at Belong, a community of young adults passionate about Jesus and welcoming people as they are. This was only the second time she performed "Be the One," a spoken word created for Sheffield Family Life Center earlier in 2019. 

Me at Belong.jpg

Alpha Sigma Nu Induction
April 27, 2019

Veronica was elected President of Rockhurst University's Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society for the 2018-2019 school year. She presided over the 2019 induction of the junior and senior class.


ΣΤΔ International Conv.
March 27-30, 2019

Veronica attended her English honor society's international convention. Since her poetry submission was accepted, she presented her collection, "A Girl's World," in which the female experience is examined through a nostalgic, and somewhat food-themed, lens. 


MLK Celebration
January 21, 2019

Veronica performed her spoken word, "The Story of a Dream," and read her poem "Dear White Police Officer." She discussed the legacy Martin Luther King Jr. left and issued a call to action for those who wish to honor his sacrifice.


ΦΘΚ Induction Keynote
October 2018

Veronica was the keynote speaker for the fall induction of Phi Theta Kappa, Upsilon Xi. As a class of 2017 graduate, she was happy to be home! She discussed her experiences as a PTK officer of service, scholarship winner, and alumna.

PTK 1.jpg

ΣΤΔ Induction
April 2018

Veronica was inducted into Rockhurst University's English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta! This honor requires a 3.3 minimum GPA. 


NYKC Guest Preacher
June 21, 2017

Veronica was invited to be the guest preacher at Native Youth Kansas City, the youth group of Sheffield Family Life Center. Her sermon title was  "David's Dance."


To watch this sermon, click here!

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Mosaic Bible Fellowship
February 19, 2017

Veronica had the privilege of performing her spoken word, "The Story of a Dream," at Mosaic Bible Fellowship for their Sunday Morning Service! 

Mosaic Bible Fellowship.jpg

Mile Marker 17 Launch
January 7, 2017

Veronica celebrated the publishing of her very first book, Mile Marker 17, with a release party. She is incredibly grateful for all who have supported her in her journey to become a published author.

Signing at Party.jpg

Hogan Prep Academy
April 19, 2022

April is National Poetry Month, and Veronica joined poet and author Anthony Butler in leading creative writing sessions for the freshman of Hogan Prep Academy. To learn more about Anthony Butler or book him for your school or events, visit! 

Hogan Prep Logo.jpg

Juneteenth Celebration
June 18, 2021

Veronica was the guest poet at Midtown Church's first Juneteenth Celebration. She debuted two spoken words, "Beneath Juneteenth," and "Black Jubilee." The first acknowledged today's oppression of Black Americans, and the second celebrated the joy, accomplishments, beauty, and ever-growing potential of the black individual and community.


Champions of Hope
October 21, 2020

Veronica was the special guest speaker at this fundraiser for Gateway of Hope, an organization offering counseling, life coaching, and support groups for women in times of need. Veronica performed her spoken word, "Be the One."

To learn more about Gateway of Hope, click here

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Race & Racism Discussion
June 02, 2020

Veronica participated on a panel, curated by Belong Community KC, discussing race and the black experience in the United States. She especially addresses the church and its reaction to the new wave of the Black Lives Matter Movement.


Freedom Sunday, SFLC
July 7, 2019

Veronica was the featured speaker during Sheffield Family Life Center's "Freedom Sunday," a special service that occurs annually.  She debuted her spoken word, "Be the One," a work created in response to Pastor George Westlake III's teaching on faith and obedience to God.

Stage 1_edited_edited.jpg

Black Culture Appreciation
April 14, 2019

Veronica presented her spoken word and poetry in this program for Swope Parkway Church of Christ. She was excited to see the community come together and reflect on how far America has come and how far it has yet to go. 


Native Youth KC Revival
March 6, 2019

Veronica preached during the opening night of Native Youth Kansas City's "Revival" series. This series took place in March for three consecutive years, and Veronica was excited and honored to be the first Wednesday night speaker in 2019. 


Student Leadership Forum
January 9-11, 2019

Veronica was nominated to represent Rockhurst University at this year's forum! This year is special because there will be an inaugural ball and Governor's breakfast with Governor Mike Parson and HUD Secretary Ben Carson.


National Fine Arts Festival
July 30 - August 3, 2018

Veronica competed at the National Fine Arts Festival in the Kappa Tau division in Houston, Texas. She won 1st place in spoken word and 3rd place in poetry. To watch her spoken word performance,

click here!


Featured Poet, SLFC
April 1, 2018

Veronica was invited to perform her spoken word, "A Message from the Other Side," at Sheffield Family Life Center. In this piece, she describes the pain and impact of depression and suicide. She then proceeds to reveal the redemption, peace, and hope she found in the Jesus Christ. To watch, click here!


Teen Girl Conf. Keynote
March 25, 2017

Veronica was the keynote for the 2017 Teen Girl Conference at Notheast Baptist Church. The theme was PRICELESS and Veronica had a wonderful time encouraging and uplifting the young women who attended. 


2017 MLK Celebration
February 2017

The American Jazz Museum hosted a celebration on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Veronica debuted "The Story of a Dream," which was written specifically for this event! 


To watch this performance, click here!

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