Who am I?

I am an award-winning spoken word artist, writer, and published poet from Kansas City. I published my first book, Mile Marker 17,  at seventeen years old. I am a passionate learner, and I believe education is a privilege that must be shared with all. My mission is to use my words to speak life, hope, and encouragement to everyone I encounter. 

What am I up to right now? 

I am starting a new chapter in my life! I recently graduated from Rockhurst University with a  major in English (writing and literature) and a minor in Leadership Development. I am now focusing on furthering my writing career, conducting self-driven research, catching up on my ever-growing reading list, and, most importantly, serving the people of my community however I can. I desire and intend to use my education to uplift and educate the underprivileged youth of Kansas City. 

©2019 Veronica Clay

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